Janperson 20: Ninpo Deathmatch!

bunny_hat_rawjanperson_20_6e4c167e_001_7720DDL | Torrent

The Super Science Network has a new trick up its sleeve: Transforming civilians into a Ninja Army! Through genetic manipulation, Kaoru and her goons plan to use these ultimate stealth assassins to dominate Japan! But things go a bit awry when one kid’s lazy, wimpy pop turns out to be descended from the one-and-only Sarutobi Sasuke! Can Janperson and his newfound shinobi comrade put a stop to the SSN’s schemes? And can a father learn to become a hero for his son?! New year brings new goodies from the Janperzone! This is a silly episode, but it’s the Janperson brand of weird silliness that you come to expect from this show. Stay tuned next time, because things are about to heat up, baby~!

Champstice Note: This is the second (07 was the first) of the four Janperson episodes written by Kyoko Sagiyama, who seems to be a rather hit-or-miss when it comes to writing for Tokusatsu, at least looking at western fandom. Thankfully, this episode is better than 07 was (well, I didn’t mind it, but Lew hates it :U). Time will tell how good the other two are. In the meantime, look forward to the next three, written by the main writer: Junichi Miyashita!

(Pretend this post was written by the normal Jan-P post maker. Granted, everything above the italicized paragraph was actually written by him, but details :U)

Buddhism Force Buddhaman

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In 198X, the Earth was facing a massive crisis. The galaxy-conquering Space Religious Order Black God have truly begun their plans to eliminate Buddhism, and replace it with Christianity. But three young people have been chosen to fight to protect the sacred teachings of Buddha! They are the Buddhism Force Buddhaman!

So, uh, this is an odd little indie short made by… Buddha Film Entertainment (They named it after this, which was their first work, released in 1986), who have done a few other odd films here and there until about 2005. Maybe we’ll sub more of them, but who knows. Also: Video quality is terrible (bad VHS transfer to DVD by the director, the others aren’t great either), you have been warned. Audio is pretty crappy too, which didn’t help with translation (Bible Skin Attack?) With all that said, enjoy!


Juspion 1-46 No-Fixes Batch Torrent

vlcsnap-00045DDL Folder | Batch torrent

Exactly what it says on the post title: This is a no-fixes batch torrent to make downloading the series easier. Also to make it easier to laugh at goofs we/I made years ago. Joys of working on a show over a course of years, I guess.
On a semi-related note: If anyone has any mistakes to point out (Be they be typos, tl errors, etc), this is the post to leave a comment on them for.

I’ll slowly update the older posts to swap to the links here and delete the older torrents tomorrow at some point.


Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Virtual Operations 1: Ex-Aid


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DDL Folder

Surprise! Bet you weren’t expecting us to release this! But, the folks over at Excite Subs are prioritizing/focusing on doing the main show first (and are doing a pretty great job too!), which is fair enough. So I figured, “Okay, might as well sub this until they have time to go back and do it”.

In any case, this release has three subtitle tracks: First is what MBE would’ve used terminology-wise if we had picked up the show (be grateful Excite picked the show up), second is what Excite use, plus their dialogue styling. Third track is the (mostly) de-localized one.
Two other notes: First is that the subs only go about 4 minutes in because the rest is just “Ganbarizing” or whatever advertising, and unlike the other Japanese merch you can buy, I doubt you can import one of those machines, so subbing those ads would be a moot point. Second is that you’ll probably want to watch this with Media Player Classic, and with the latest updated versions of either CCCP or KCP, otherwise you’re probably not gonna hear anything.

With all that said, till next time…%e3%80%8e%e4%bb%ae%e9%9d%a2%e3%83%a9%e3%82%a4%e3%83%80%e3%83%bc%e3%82%a8%e3%82%b0%e3%82%bc%e3%82%a4%e3%83%89-%e3%80%90%e8%a3%8f%e6%8a%80%e3%80%91%e3%83%b4%e3%82%a1%e3%83%bc%e3%83%81%e3%83%a3%e3%83%ab

Janperson episode 19: Cat Burglar! The Digitized Witch




The master thief known as Panther Lady is on a blue-diamond-stealing crime spree! To make matters worse, she’s able to appear and disappear at will by digitally teleporting herself! Detective Sekimachi is on the case to stop her crimes…but a tragic incident from his past keeps him from closing the case! Can Janperson help Sekimachi conquer his demons and crack the case?!

Janpi’s back, folks! And this is one of those weird, wonderful episodes that really makes Janperson what it is. More’s on the way! As a side note: Rikya Koyama guest stars as the rookie cop working with Sekimachi in this episode. It still blows my mind how he went from his tokusatsu work to being a deep and intimidating voice actor.

Juspion Finale: 44; “You Survived?! The Ancient Haunt Emerges”, 45; “I am The Son of Satan Goth!” & “People from All Galaxies Join Hands”

bunny_hat_rawjuspion_44_afe1d889_001_21706 bunny_hat_rawjuspion_45_3efa3456_001_18592 vlcsnap-01002

44 DDL | 45 DDL | 46 DDL
DDL Folder for 1-30

Well, everyone, here we are. The first project we picked up under this name is finally at its end. I can’t say much about the episodes themselves because oh boy are theySPOILERS Central, but they were a satisfying conclusion to us. Now, for some  words written by the co-runner of this group/Mr “Without-him-I-would-have-never-started-this-group”, Lew/Pundercracker:

When I was brought in on Juspion 3 years ago, I barely knew anything about the show. I knew it was a Metal Hero series. I knew it started a bit zany but got more serious later. I knew it had a giant robot and a Darth Vader knockoff as the villain. I knew Brazil ADORED it. But that was it. I went into this almost completely blind. As a result, I was just as surprised by every twist and turn as a new viewer. What’s more, it was a challenging experience for me. Learning to improve as a QC’er, knowing how to do subbing, how to edit and what to pick up on helped me to improve my Japanese skills a little bit more each time. I got to know Champ even better and found one of the best friends I’ve ever had in him, and I watched as people got to dive in for the first time on this show as well. Champ already said that this is a show that shows a time when Toei was figuring out what the heck to do with the Space Sheriffs all done. It sets up some really big ideas that it shrinks down a little afterwards, but develops a really cool story with some truly memorable moments. But what I also realized is that those moments also tied into 3 long years of my life where things changed a lot for me.
When I got done working on episode 46 last weekend, I nearly cried. Part of that was how fondly I could look back on the journey of our heroes, but it was also looking back on contributing to a community that I would never have dreamed of back in 2013. I’d always wanted to help see a fansubbed MH series through and this gave me a wonderful opportunity, and I want to thank Champ so much for bringing me on board for this. Now granted we do have other projects still, but this is a momentous thing for me and I hope that everyone watching this, and who will be watching this, has as much fun as we had working on it.
Thank you all so much for 3 years of supporting us, and here’s to many more.So long, Juspion. May you forever adventure the galaxy with that rocking leopard-print shirt of yours.
(And please put Miya out of her misery. Please.)

As for my thoughts (that Lew hasn’t phrased better/already mentioned: It is a show dear to our hearts. And we both hope everyone who has watched the show via our subs has enjoyed the journey. Sure, we hit a few snags, made a few mistakes, got stuck on a few speed-bumps. But we persevered through, we’ll be fixing the odd mistakes in the V2s, and hey, least we didn’t get overtaken in subbing it by a new group like what happened to TV-N’s Megaranger. Zing!

But in all seriousness though, me and Lew hope that whoever has watched Juspion, whether because it funny, silly, action-packed, for whatever reason, we sincerely hoped that you enjoyed watching the show. And we hope we did a good job in conveying everything the show says through our subs.

We’re not technically done with the show yet, though. We still got the preview, the video special, the aforementioned V2s, and some miscellaneous stuff to release. But, for now, the curtain closes.
Thank you all who watched the show.Read More »