Tiger Seven 04: Oil Hominid’s Terrifying Ambitions!

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So… been a while since an episode of this has been released, huh? The TLDR of it is that the audio for this show sucks making translation a pain, as well as getting it checked. So there might still be a few snags, but at this point I’m fed up waiting, so if anyone does spot any errors, I’ll gladly v2 it.

After all that TLDR, please enjoy this episode about our heroes fighting the ancient Mu forces of evil, only to be obstructed by the evil that isĀ Corporations.


Tiger Seven 01, 02 & 03

[MegaBeast_Empire] Ironman Tiger Seven episode 1 [9709CFAE]_001_22047

01 Torrent | 02 Torrent | 03 Torrent

Probably not what most of you want, but something to watch none the less. The show is pretty much P Production’s attempt at a Kamen Rider series, except substituting a karate bugman with a karate catman.

If anyone actually feels like write a proper introduction/summary of the show, go ahead. I’m half asleep at the moment of writing this post.