Sh15uya 02: Borderline

Man, Yuge really is in everything

DDL | Anidex | Nyaa

Also, Mark Musashi is never in a not-weird role. Garo, he was some evil mute butler. Cutie Honey, some kinda weapons dealer who frequently yells “SHIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!“. Here, well… Piece is Piece.

Have a Tachibana too

Sh15uya 01: Fifteens

DDL | Torrent A | Torrent B

This is Shibuya, yet at the same time, it isn’t…

Hey just a heads-up for anyone sensitive to self-harm in media (or even if you’re just super squeamish like me), there’s a scene start at 11:43 that you miiiiight wanna skip.
Also there’s a lot of blood. Much grimdark. So adult.

I’ll write more in the morning (including some notes about the tl). Eh, the kinda speaks for itself. As for notes, basically all you need to know is that the guy being played by that Mark guy from Garo/Cutey Honey’s dialogue is mostly bungled versions of Japanese sayings.