Robot Detective 17

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Here’s the next episode of Robot Detective; where suds are lethal, water is effective at neutralizing bad guys, and bad guys are coerced into working with guys from BAD.

In related news: the good folks at HappyScans finished scanning/translating the Robot Detective manga a few months ago. I’d heartily recommend reading it, its quite different in a lot of ways to the tv show version, yet some bits are still similar.


Robot Detective 15

Looks like this robot is definitely Gold standard
Looks like this robot is definitely Gold standard

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After a fair few snags and technical problems, here’s episode 15. In which a ton of gold gets stolen during transport to a bank, and K has to deal with two instead one of  BAD’s robot. It also leads into the next episode “Steal it back from BAD”. Till then, enjoy “The Target is Atomic Number 79?!”.

In other news, tomorrow (well, an hour from now in my timezone :V)  is the one year anniversary of MegaBeast Empire! Here’s to another year full of fansubbing!
And in news you guys will probably care more about: After V is being delayed by personal bzns. We’ll try to get this weeks episode (and last weeks) out together before next week, but don’t hold us to it.

Robot Detective 13


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Last year/This year has been pretty good for Shotaro Ishinomori’s works (and stuff based on it), hasn’t it? The Magnificent folks at Millionfold Curiosity started (and finished) The Magnificent Zubat with, well, a Zu-BAT! The rad dudes at Kitsubs are pumping out episodes of old school Kamen Riders, along with Akumaizer 3. The Skaro Hunting Society and Hokuto no Gun are doing solid work on the Sabu & Ichi’s Detective Tales anime, and HnG are doing the manga with Happyscans, who are also doing the manga version of Robot Detective. So really this was just timing for an Ishinomori-palooza that I’d be a sucker to not join in on. Add that to my love of Detective/Crime shows, and you get this as a result. We (MBE) are just going to be doing the ones that Deadfish didn’t do before they closed up shop (though I’ve heard varying reports on how many episodes they did/are available), and HnT’ll be re-releasing the rest themselves.  In any case, we hope you enjoy episode 13!

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