Buddhism Force Buddhaman

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In 198X, the Earth was facing a massive crisis. The galaxy-conquering Space Religious Order Black God have truly begun their plans to eliminate Buddhism, and replace it with Christianity. But three young people have been chosen to fight to protect the sacred teachings of Buddha! They are the Buddhism Force Buddhaman!

So, uh, this is an odd little indie short made by… Buddha Film Entertainment (They named it after this, which was their first work, released in 1986), who have done a few other odd films here and there until about 2005. Maybe we’ll sub more of them, but who knows. Also: Video quality is terrible (bad VHS transfer to DVD by the director, the others aren’t great either), you have been warned. Audio is pretty crappy too, which didn’t help with translation (Bible Skin Attack?) With all that said, enjoy!


Bishoujo Kamen Poitrine 01

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“Yuko Murakami is an Ordinary High-School Student who goes to a Shinto shrine to pray one day. She knocks down the bell in front of the shrine when she rings it, and awakens Kami-sama, or God, who bestows upon Yuko the power to become a fighter for justice, a Super Hero, as Bishoujo Kamen Poitrine. She transform with her Orgel Pendant (later with a mirror). She solves cases adopting the people form that she want using her Cosmo Bracelet, and she fights all kinds of villains who want to make life hard for children with the help of her magic Belle Sabre.”

This isn’t so much an April Fools gag as it is that Nanto releasing an episode of  another Toei Fushigi Comedy Show “Dokincho! Nemurin” reminded me I had a script for this episode lying around. I inadvertently deleted the raws at some point, and the torrent on nyaa is dead, so you probably shouldn’t expect any other episodes anytime soon. So a buncha peeps seeded the torrent. Still shouldn’t expect any more episodes until I get other stuff outta the pipeline first.

Bishoujo Kamen Poitrine - 01_001_8850


Lionmaru 01

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“During the late 16th century, a trio of ninja orphans are wandering Japan and saving people from evil, specifically the evil Devil Gosun.

These people consist of kid ninja Kosuke, kunoichi Saori and an adult ninja named Shishimaru… who can transform into a lion-headed Samurai named Lionmaru!”

We’ve decided to drop Juspion, Dyna and Robot Keiji in order to focus upon more important unsubbed shows. Besides, who cares about Metal Heroes and Ultraman anyway?

ᴾˢ ᶜʰᵉᶜᵏ ᵒᵘᵗ ᵗʰᵉ ᵖᵒˢᵗ ᵈᵃᵗᵉ⋅ ᴬᵖʳᶦᶫ ᶠᵒᵒᶫ’ˢ﹗

Legend of Space Sheriff Gavan Televi-Kun specials

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Packaged together with an issue of Televi-kun last year, these are pretty much Hyper Battle Videos for that Space Sheriff Gavan THE MOVIE film. Well, one of them is, the other is basically a brief summary of all the events in the original Space Sheriff Gavan tv show.

Pundercracker: HEY KIDS! WATCH THIS MOVI- oh, you did?
…Uh…well….well here’s an advertisement for it anyway!

Champstice: You know a film has got problems when the 8 minute promotional video is honestly just as (if not more) entertaining than the film it’s supposed to be tying into.
P.S. Before anyone asks: No, we don’t have any plans to sub the original series.


Kamen Rider- Run all over the World

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In celebration of the Black Blurays being announced, here’s a special that features Black times 4! It’s one in a similar vein to Kamen Rider World/Super Sentai World in that it’s non-canon material that was made mostly to sell 3D glasses, but still a fun (if silly) ride in it’s own right. So please enjoy this convoluted Crisis scheme.

Pundercracker: This is a fun little short. The plot doesn’t make much sense and it has some very blatant 3D gimmick shots, but the action is solid. Fans of BLACK and RX should get a kick out of it!

Champstice: There’s two sub-tracks with three minor differences between each other (Kamen vs Masked {some people like it translated, others don’t}, Golgom vs Gorgom{I see people bouncing between how this is romanized}, and Black vs BLACK{title card has it in all caps}). Apart from that they’re exactly the same. Also no this isn’t a Golgom plot.

Ultraman Story

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From the year 1984, it’s Ultraman Story! Featuring an alternative origin for Taro, and an alternative version of Juda from Andro Melos!
This film is about Taro going from his childhood, to maturing as an Ultra Warrior, and learning to fight alongside his brothers.

Pundercracker: This movie is really fun in a goofy turn-your-brain-off kind of way. While it is a compilation film of sorts, and poor Leo and 80 really get shafted, it’s an entertaining story with a really cool monster design at the end. Taro’s a big dork, too, which makes it fun. On top of that, Dragon Ball fans like myself might get a bit of a laugh out of two things here. First off, the music for this film is composed by Shunsuke Kikuchi. Kikuchi’s famous for providing the music to works such as Mazinger Z, Kamen Rider,and, you guessed it, Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. Even funnier is the fact that young Taro is voiced by the one and only Masako Nozawa, best known as the voice of Son Goku (and, like, 99% of the other Male characters in his family) in the DB franchise. I was cracking up QC’ing the start of this film as a result, not gonna lie!

Champstice: Being Taro is suffering. Speaking of Taro, we used the ever-fabulous Magenta’s translation of his theme for when it shows up in film.

Ultraseven 12

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Well folks, here it is. Quite possibly one of the most infamous episodes of any tokusatsu series. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the story behind this episode, August Ragone summarized it quite well in his booklet for the Ultraseven DVD set. The plot of this episode involves an alien race which, at the time, was labeled an “atom bomb survivor alien.” To make matters worse, these same aliens then plan on using similar weapons here on Earth, and are portrayed in a very, very creepy manner. Of course, in 1967, plenty of victims of the atomic bombs dropped in only 20 years prior were still around, and while Tsuburaya went on to rename the Spell a “Vampire Alien,” the negative press surrounding this episode led it to be banned from any further airings. No home video release, not even the upcoming Blu-ray release, includes this episode. It’s essentially shoved under the table by the company for understandable reasons. However, it was broadcast in the United States on at least two occasions. The first was during the Hawaiian broadcast of the series in the mid 1970’s, and the second time was on TNT in the early 1990’s, when Cinar developed an edited dub of the series. The video source appears to be taken from a recording of the TNT broadcast. The audio itself is likely taken from a fan recording of the original broadcast, as such practices were common in the day.

Which leads to a few things to keep in mind:

1. No, we are NOT doing the rest of Ultraseven. The entire series is legally available on R1 DVD, with English subs. I highly recommend purchasing the series, as it is not only one of my favorite tokusatsu series, but also one of the most influential entries in the genre, having impacted countless tokusatsu and anime series alongside the original Ultraman (including the works of a little known director named Hideaki Anno). We’re simply doing this episode considering that there is unlikely to ever be a proper, subtitled release of it in the forseeable future.

2. This is the best video quality out there. Since there’s no other known copy to exist, we used what we could. The audio is muffled near the end and the opening to the episode is missing (along with, possibly, some other bits, it’s hard to tell) but until the day a high quality release of the episode is made available, you have to make due.

That said, this is a really impressive, and downright terrifying, episode which really shows what made Seven such a smash hit that is remembered to this day. The directing is great, the acting is good, the action is frantic, you’ve got a really good episode here.

So sit back and enjoy a little piece of history!

Champstice: the only things I’ve got to say is:

1. There is an iso floating around on ADC that includes a copy of episode 12. As mentioned before though, because the episode is banned/hasn’t been re-aired/included on dvd/bluray, the copy is like a bootleg. I haven’t downloaded it myself, so I’ve no idea how much an improvement it’d be over the video we’re using visually. If the audio fared better we’ll probably go back over this if someone encodes it. Nevermind, the audio is dub only. Nevermind again, there is japanese audio, but it’s the same audio this release has :V.

2. This is probably the longest post we’ve written so far.

3. Yeah thats about it. Enjoy!