Kaiju Club 3: Farewell, Ultraman!

Kaiju Club - 03 (MBS 1440x810 x264[10-bit] AAC 30fps) [9F3F0B8C]_001_5889
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Welp. Winter Sucked. Hopefully this year things’ll turnaround.

I feel like any notes of this show are kinda made obvious by watching the Ultraman/Seven episode namedropped. So, y’know, go watch Ultraman #37. The show in general is p. good. And the dvd sets are cheap iirc?

Kaiju Club - 03 (MBS 1440x810 x264[10-bit] AAC 30fps) [9F3F0B8C]_001_11003

Kaiju Club 2: The Seven Assassination Plan

Nobody is safe from the Ultra-Crucifix

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Well, apart from whatever monster is wielding the power that is Religious Symbols, I suppose.
Delays caused by me being dead. Whether I mean in the spiritual sense or in the physical sense, I’ll leave up to viewer interpretation. (When in doubt, go with both).