Andro Melos 06 & 07

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After a lengthy hiatus, here’s two episodes of everyone’s favourite not-Ultras show: Andro Melos.

Yes, we’re still in flashback territory. Thanks Tsuburaya,


Ultraman Story

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From the year 1984, it’s Ultraman Story! Featuring an alternative origin for Taro, and an alternative version of Juda from Andro Melos!
This film is about Taro going from his childhood, to maturing as an Ultra Warrior, and learning to fight alongside his brothers.

Pundercracker: This movie is really fun in a goofy turn-your-brain-off kind of way. While it is a compilation film of sorts, and poor Leo and 80 really get shafted, it’s an entertaining story with a really cool monster design at the end. Taro’s a big dork, too, which makes it fun. On top of that, Dragon Ball fans like myself might get a bit of a laugh out of two things here. First off, the music for this film is composed by Shunsuke Kikuchi. Kikuchi’s famous for providing the music to works such as Mazinger Z, Kamen Rider,and, you guessed it, Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. Even funnier is the fact that young Taro is voiced by the one and only Masako Nozawa, best known as the voice of Son Goku (and, like, 99% of the other Male characters in his family) in the DB franchise. I was cracking up QC’ing the start of this film as a result, not gonna lie!

Champstice: Being Taro is suffering. Speaking of Taro, we used the ever-fabulous Magenta’s translation of his theme for when it shows up in film.

Juspion 16, Dyna 04 and an Octopus

[Bunny_Hat_Raw]Juspion_16_(464A4369)_001_16424 [Bunny_Hat_Raw]Juspion_16_(464A4369)_001_25386DDL | Torrent

Trouble is afoot! Kanoko and Kenta have ran away to try and find their dad. They find something alright: They find themselves falling into Mad Gallant’s clutches! And what the hell is he doing with Authors, Scientists and Construction Workers?

Pundercracker: The search for the Golden Bird continues, and this time we see just how Mad Gallant can become even MORE of a jerk than he already is!

Champstice: This was actually the first episode of Juspion I ever saw, and it feels as fun to watch now as it did the first time! MBE-Set DDL | HnT-Set DDL | Torrent

Construction work on the underground Geo City has woken up the carnivorous, underground-dwelling Daigerun! Will Super GUTS be able to stop the workers and machinery in time? Or is Daigerun gonna decimate ground and underground?

Pundercracker: Today’s episode is brought to you by ants. Thanks ants. Also Asuka gets pissed as usual.

Champstice: [Unmuffled Scientific Gibberish in both background and foreground] DVDIMAGE - Chapter 6 (1) (1)_001_1357DDL | Torrent

I did five yokes of Kure Kure Takora as an April Fools Joke, but surprisingly its actually fun to work on, and pretty easy/quick too. Plus the biggest joke of all: a torrent each for 200+ episodes.

Also before someone inevitably asks: After V is delayed due to REASONS.

Juspion 14, Dyna 03 & After V 04

He had it coming, he had it coming all along
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Triple bill! First up, Juspion! After meeting the Four Divine Generals last episode, Juspion is searching all over the country to find the Golden Egg. But instead he finds…. the Loch Ness Monster? In Japan!? Is this some sorta Golgom Satan Gorth Plot?!

Pundercracker: This episode has the coolest wedding ever. Hands down. This is how a wedding should be handled. Aside from that, Juspion’s got his hands full with Mad Gallant’s new lackies in this episode, and he’s also dealing with a Seak- ‘scuse me, OceanKing! Get ready for lots of water. Also: KITTENS. LOTS OF KITTENS.

Champstice: This episode’s water-based MegaBeast makes monkey noises and it is hilarious. One note of sorts: The ‘ko’ in Hamanako means ‘lake’ so as you guess its translated as ‘Lake Hamana’. Thing is, the hotel nearby the lake has its name stated clearly as “HOTEL LISTEL HAMANAKO”. So thats the only instance in which Hamanako is left as is.

[MBE - HnT] Ultraman Dyna 03[A145C7CA]_002_8679MBE-Set DDL | HnT-Set DDL | MBE-Set Torrent | HnT-Set Torrent

Next up, Ultraman Dyna! Same dealio as before: basically, when the MBE version is ready it’s released, and then the links are just updated when the HnT version is ready/released. This way, HnT don’t have to hurry with any touch-ups of their version, and you guys get more Dyna. It’s a win-win situation!

Pundercracker: I’ve always been a bit creeped out by creepy, crawly things. The monster in this week’s Dyna is no exception, it’s pretty nasty stuff. Otherwise, Asuka continues to be one of the most hotheaded punks to ever take up the role as an Ultra. He’s got a ways to go in terms of being a team player, but this episode also really shows that the team cares about each other. Hibiki’s gruff demeanor covers up some really sincere moments in this episode, which I loved. I also had a -ton- of fun working on this episode due to Tsutomu. His dialect and his informal way of speaking made his dialogue a treat to check and give that slangy, bumpkin-y vibe to it!

Kanpai Senshi After V - 04 (TVS 1280x720 x264[10-bit] AAC 24fps) [34F8E2B2]_001_18493HD Torrent | SD Torrent
Patch | Script

And last but not least, After V! We find out Green is a very angry drunk, everyone else finds out that Blue should not be allowed anything with a camera installed, and their foe this time is: SOCIAL MEDIA.

Greenman & Melos 05

[MBE - HnT]_Go!_Greenman_-_52 [59E8AE17]_001_6279
The King of Demons versus The King of Fashion Rejects

[MBE - HnT]_Go!_Greenman_-_52 [59E8AE17]_002_3866

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Guess this is the finale for Greenman.  There’s only five episodes complete on the DVDs, and this is the fifth. So until Toho decides to properly release Greenman (and Godman) on DVD, this is the last we’re gonna see of this particular Envoy of God. Also technically the first thing we’ve finished I guess. Yay :V.

Pundercracker: Well, we’ve reached the end of this insane and sporadically-edited road. I have to say, though, that it was a pleasure working on this thing. Greenman is just outright nuts. Everything about it is rushed to the point of hilarity and what little “plot” there is only adds to the comedy gold. While I think I would have lost my mind if the entire series had been released on DVD, this finale had me cracking up in the middle of editing. If you’ve ever wanted to see a bunch of Japanese children gang up on a helpless suit actor, then this is the finale for you. I want to thank Champstice for presenting this once-elusive project to me, and HnT for working with us and cranking this out. If you’ve ever had a rough day then just watch these Greenman episodes, I promise that you’ll be feeling better in no time.

Champstice: This was an acid trip and a half (or several) to work on, and I loved every second of it. Farewell, Greenman! May you continue to invoke confusion and anger across message boards!

[MBE - HnT] Andro Melos 05 [BD3B6F0D]_001_4499[MBE - HnT] Andro Melos 05 [BD3B6F0D]_004_4570MBE-set DDL | HnT-Set DDL | Torrent

And in Melos,  big wigs being recruited. That is all.

Pundercracker: Our battle continues, but we’re no longer doing the “secret power” segments! Instead we focus on the Magmarian trio, a group which I used to think was just some goofballs made for Melos…until I saw a bit of their appearance in Ultraman Leo…and realized that they –can– be threatening. In this show, though, they’re more or less comical villains. That works with the story, however, and we get Melos in his continued struggle against these ne’er-do-wells.

Champstice: we’re finally out of the power-explanation episodes, yaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyooooooouuu’ve gotta be kidding me there’s a flashback episode five episodes in? (Granted, for once its a villain’s one.)

In other news: we’ve got a seedbox (thank you Ignis!) though considering how tech inept I am it might not be working right for a while/weeks :U.


Also in other news: the Biomic folks at GUIS have released Bioman 35, the first of a two-parter which features Hikaru/Seiki Kurosaki (latter is his birthname) as Shota Yamamori, a dude who feels sorta like a proto-bangai hero. He also feels similar to a later character Hikaru would play, everyone’s favourite Special MegaBeast Investigator, Juspion! {i.e: they’re both tremendous goobers}

Ultraman Dyna 01

A paragon of grace

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Surprise! Coming from us and the folks at Hi-no-tori, it’s the sequel  show to Ultraman Tiga, Ultraman Dyna!

Pundercracker: I never thought I’d see this day to be honest. Ultraman Tiga is one of my favorite tokusatsu series, and yet Ultraman Dyna, the sequel, was a rarity online for many years. It gives me great pleasure to be working on this project, as its always been one of my dream shows to sub since I got into the community 10 years ago. As the direct sequel to Tiga, there are some things in this show which will make a bit more sense if you’ve at least got the gist of what happened in the previous series. That said, Dyna is a tad lighter in tone than Tiga was, featuring a bit more comedy and silliness than its predecessor, but it also has the Tsuburaya love for effects and detail that the franchise is known for. For our first episode, we’re given our cast of heroes, headed by our hotblooded protagonist (whose name should not be confused with a certain Gundam pilot), and the set up for more action to come. So get ready for some kaiju-smashing, dog-fighting fun!

Champstice: Punder really hit the nail on the head, so not much for me to say except that we hope you guys enjoy this show as much as we’re enjoying working on it!

Robot Detective 13


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Last year/This year has been pretty good for Shotaro Ishinomori’s works (and stuff based on it), hasn’t it? The Magnificent folks at Millionfold Curiosity started (and finished) The Magnificent Zubat with, well, a Zu-BAT! The rad dudes at Kitsubs are pumping out episodes of old school Kamen Riders, along with Akumaizer 3. The Skaro Hunting Society and Hokuto no Gun are doing solid work on the Sabu & Ichi’s Detective Tales anime, and HnG are doing the manga with Happyscans, who are also doing the manga version of Robot Detective. So really this was just timing for an Ishinomori-palooza that I’d be a sucker to not join in on. Add that to my love of Detective/Crime shows, and you get this as a result. We (MBE) are just going to be doing the ones that Deadfish didn’t do before they closed up shop (though I’ve heard varying reports on how many episodes they did/are available), and HnT’ll be re-releasing the rest themselves.  In any case, we hope you enjoy episode 13!

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