Greenman & Melos 05

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The King of Demons versus The King of Fashion Rejects

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Guess this is the finale for Greenman.  There’s only five episodes complete on the DVDs, and this is the fifth. So until Toho decides to properly release Greenman (and Godman) on DVD, this is the last we’re gonna see of this particular Envoy of God. Also technically the first thing we’ve finished I guess. Yay :V.

Pundercracker: Well, we’ve reached the end of this insane and sporadically-edited road. I have to say, though, that it was a pleasure working on this thing. Greenman is just outright nuts. Everything about it is rushed to the point of hilarity and what little “plot” there is only adds to the comedy gold. While I think I would have lost my mind if the entire series had been released on DVD, this finale had me cracking up in the middle of editing. If you’ve ever wanted to see a bunch of Japanese children gang up on a helpless suit actor, then this is the finale for you. I want to thank Champstice for presenting this once-elusive project to me, and HnT for working with us and cranking this out. If you’ve ever had a rough day then just watch these Greenman episodes, I promise that you’ll be feeling better in no time.

Champstice: This was an acid trip and a half (or several) to work on, and I loved every second of it. Farewell, Greenman! May you continue to invoke confusion and anger across message boards!

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And in Melos,  big wigs being recruited. That is all.

Pundercracker: Our battle continues, but we’re no longer doing the “secret power” segments! Instead we focus on the Magmarian trio, a group which I used to think was just some goofballs made for Melos…until I saw a bit of their appearance in Ultraman Leo…and realized that they –can– be threatening. In this show, though, they’re more or less comical villains. That works with the story, however, and we get Melos in his continued struggle against these ne’er-do-wells.

Champstice: we’re finally out of the power-explanation episodes, yaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyooooooouuu’ve gotta be kidding me there’s a flashback episode five episodes in? (Granted, for once its a villain’s one.)

In other news: we’ve got a seedbox (thank you Ignis!) though considering how tech inept I am it might not be working right for a while/weeks :U.


Also in other news: the Biomic folks at GUIS have released Bioman 35, the first of a two-parter which features Hikaru/Seiki Kurosaki (latter is his birthname) as Shota Yamamori, a dude who feels sorta like a proto-bangai hero. He also feels similar to a later character Hikaru would play, everyone’s favourite Special MegaBeast Investigator, Juspion! {i.e: they’re both tremendous goobers}


Greenman 04 & Andro Melos 04

I’m not too sure what that thing is either folks

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Instead of a deaf monster, this episode has Shiraji, who showed up previous in Godman, then here, then in the 2008 Godman special. Hasn’t been seen much since as far as I know.  So long you Uni-horned, Nipple-lacking, Ball-swinging,  Skull Gorilla creature thing.

Pundercracker: Ah yes, my favorite part of ToHo’s Bizarre Adventure: Iron Ball Run.

Champstice: Break a leg, Greenman! (no seriously, he does. It’s ridiculous)

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And here’s episode 04 of Andro Melos, which looks at Wolf’s tech/powers and stuff.

Pundercracker: I’m starting to see a pattern with these episodes, but I juuuust can’t put my finger on it!

Champstice: That should be it for the Andro Soldiers’ powers/tech stuff, at least for now anyway.

Toho Rush!

Hail Satan, kiddies!

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We’ve got a threeway Toho Toku Tussle for you tonight folks! First up in Round One is Greenman 03!

Champstice: With the power of Music (and lack of good eyesight), he is the Tiborath Alien!


“We obey, o mighty burning shrubberies thing”

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Round Two! There was one other Godman ep still complete on the dvds, so we figured we might as well do it too.

Pundercracker: This is it. This is the show that Japanese net users called one of the dumbest tokusatsu series ever. There’s a point in this episode where, and Champstice probably knows this, I genuinely burst into tears laughing in the middle of QC’ing. It involves a gun, and it shows the true might of tokusatsu heroes. If Greenman is an Aneurysm, Godman is the last thing you see before you die. It is so dumb, it is so low budget, it is so lazy, that it is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. Please enjoy this insanity.


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And last but not least; Round Three is the Godman 2008 special. It’s about this town being demolished, a hero who comes to protect it, and that things from your childhood can really help sometimes.
If you’ve watched Chouseishin Gransazer, Ren Matsuzawa, the guy who plays Jin Hakariya/Sazer Dail, shows up in this. No idea who the woman is, the japanese wiki only credits her as “Miwa”. Another Gransazer actor, Hideaki Serizawa (Akira Dentsuin/Sazer Remls), voices the titular Godman here. Also, fun trivia:  Yamamoto Ichiro, the guy who sings the Godman theme, is another name that Ichirou Mizuki goes by. I’m pretty certain that nobody whos reading this needs an introduction to how awesome any opening/ending/insert/ANY song he sings is.

Happy holidays!

Spoilers: Satan is a buttmunch

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Pundercracker: MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone! On this day we celebrate peace on Earth, the birth of Christ, and in this case a big bag of “?????????” from everyone’s favorite robotic envoy of God! Have fun and happy new year, enjoy some more nuttiness.

Champstice: What Punder said! And seasonal greetings to anyone who doesn’t particularly celebrate any holiday! Enjoy an episodes where Satan and his minion try to de-lectrocute a robot. YEAH.  Also on a technical note: This is actually the 22nd episode of Greenman, but its the second complete one on the dvds (Onore Toho I guess).

Also, we come bearing another gift:

Ya gotta admit Kenji Ohba is really adorable in this show
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Episode four of Battle Fever! Where one of Cossack’s old superiors gets killed, and a psychic gets initiated into Egos’ forces.


Go Forth! Greenman 1



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(you’ll need to install these two fonts because I forgot to mux them in, and my internet is slow as balls uploading so I ain’t replacing the videos just for this. At least not tonight anyway)

In another joint-venture with Hinotori, we present to you the 1973-to-1974 show, Ike Greenman! From Toho, the company that brought us Godzilla (and loads of other stuff), this show was created to replace Ike Godman. It shares something in common with the latter: you feel like whoever made this was on narcotics at the time.  Pundercracker summed it up quite accurately:

Pundercracker: Greenman is. That’s all I can really say to summarize it. Greenman IS.
This is a show that defies logic. It defies sense. There is little that can be comprehended about this show. It is like the Ginguiser of Tokusatsu, without the seizures and with more aneurysms. It is a beautiful trainwreck, it must be seen to believed, and on behalf of us at MBE, we beg for your forgiveness if your brain begins to shut down, but you will know that it was totally worth it to witness the things you saw in these episodes.

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