Janperson 26: Super Speed Car Battle

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“its the weekend baby. youknow what that means. its time to drink precisely  one beer and call 911.”


Tatewaki and his goons kidnap the brilliant professor Nikaido and his son Masaharu in order to complete a powerful battle car that can obliterate Janperson and his trusty Dark Jeycar! What follows is a dark secret in Masaharu’s past, the powerful bond between father and son, and new toys to sell  some sweet new upgrades to the Dark Jeycar! All on this episode of Special Police Robo Janperson!

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Janperson 25: The Quick Draw Champ’s Decisive Duel

Still a better setup than the Virtual Boy.


Hey, remember Jango? Y’know, the gunman from like, episode 3 or so? The one Janperson beat pretty easily? Well now his little brother has arrived in Japan with one heck of a vendetta against our purple protector…and he’s got the tech he needs to accomplish it! Now a humiliated Gun Gibson is determined to beat his own quick draw record and help stop a trouble sharpshooter before he makes a deadly mistake!

Been a long time but we’re back with another Janpi! Enjoy!

Janperson 24: The First Time Anywhere! An Unbeatable Foe

“Like some kind of GRASSHOPPER maybe! With a MOTORCYCLE! Or an ALIEN COP DUDE!” 


Janperson finds himself up against his toughest opponent yet: An artificial human who cannot die! But this immortal foe soon begins to question his own humanity. Is he truly human? Or is he just a weapon? As the imitation man ponders his existence, Janperson is faced with his own dilemma: Kill a human being and stop a threat, or let him escape and risk SSN advancing their nefarious plans?

This is a terrific episode with some really heavy stuff in it for a metal hero episode. And to add to the greatness, the MOTW is played by Kamen Rider ZO himself: Kou Domon.

SPEAKING OF, Kamen Rider ZO goes quite well with this episode, and we highly recommend the terrific subs by Weeaboo Shogun for what is one of my favorite bits of tokusatsu…that isn’t Janperson, of course! Hey, 1993 was a year for both! We can get both :3c 

Janperson 23: Dying in the Name of Justice!

Get ready for Gun Gibson’s training montage.


The fires of vengeance course through Gun Gibson’s circuits as he unleashes vigilante “justice” against former Neo-Guild robots. As Janperson rushes to stop further casualties, the Super Science Network unleashes their newest bio weapon on the duo! Can our Special Police Robo end Gun Gibson’s reckless vendetta AND defeat this new SSN critter?!

Janperson 21: Challenge from the Mightiest Robot!



Rumblings abound that Neo-Guild has infiltrated the Robot Prison for nefarious purposes, using the inmates for their shady schemes. Determined to get to the bottom of their plans, Janperson infiltrates the prison undercover…but gets far more than he bargained for. Not only is Neo-Guild up to something, they’ve got help: A rough-talkin’, quick-drawin’ assassin robot by the name of Gun Gibson and his partner, Carol! Can our hero solve this mystery and survive against his most deadly opponents yet?!

Pundercracker here, and oh BAYBEH~! This is an episode I’ve been so excited to work on since we began this project! In fact, it’s one of my favorite episodes of the series! The plot is incredibly fun for this story arc, taking advantage of the show’s premise in a silly and cool way. The fact that it introduces one of the best characters in the series helps it a bunch too, of course.

As a side note: See if you can spot the recycled Zyurangera and Winspector props in this episode.

Janperson episode 19: Cat Burglar! The Digitized Witch




The master thief known as Panther Lady is on a blue-diamond-stealing crime spree! To make matters worse, she’s able to appear and disappear at will by digitally teleporting herself! Detective Sekimachi is on the case to stop her crimes…but a tragic incident from his past keeps him from closing the case! Can Janperson help Sekimachi conquer his demons and crack the case?!

Janpi’s back, folks! And this is one of those weird, wonderful episodes that really makes Janperson what it is. More’s on the way! As a side note: Rikya Koyama guest stars as the rookie cop working with Sekimachi in this episode. It still blows my mind how he went from his tokusatsu work to being a deep and intimidating voice actor.