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We’re a subgroup that’s tackling mostly tokusatsu shows (Mainly Juspion), but expect to see other sorts of content here too!

Posted April 12, 2013 by Champstice

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  1. ┬┐would you like Sharivan Movie#1 subtitles in spanish? I can give you… because I’m translating to spanish a lot of your shows

  2. I should have a tnt copy of the ultra 7 ep 12 that you released. It should have been recorded off air on svhs (99% of my early day stujff was svhs/ I’ll look if you want me to (have 3000 tapes still in storage)

    • If you think it might be a bit more cleaner/less garbled than the current rips, than yes please, if it’s not too much hassle. (looking through 3000 tapes does sound like quite a hassle though…)

  3. Hi !
    I’m Setsuna531, leader of http://tokusatsu-fansub.fr
    I wanna use yours projects (some) to translate into french. I request your agreement.
    I already worked with Hikari Senshi and GUIS (some members are friends of me)
    Thank you for replying.

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