Janperson 24: The First Time Anywhere! An Unbeatable Foe

“Like some kind of GRASSHOPPER maybe! With a MOTORCYCLE! Or an ALIEN COP DUDE!” 


Janperson finds himself up against his toughest opponent yet: An artificial human who cannot die! But this immortal foe soon begins to question his own humanity. Is he truly human? Or is he just a weapon? As the imitation man ponders his existence, Janperson is faced with his own dilemma: Kill a human being and stop a threat, or let him escape and risk SSN advancing their nefarious plans?

This is a terrific episode with some really heavy stuff in it for a metal hero episode. And to add to the greatness, the MOTW is played by Kamen Rider ZO himself: Kou Domon.

SPEAKING OF, Kamen Rider ZO goes quite well with this episode, and we highly recommend the terrific subs by Weeaboo Shogun for what is one of my favorite bits of tokusatsu…that isn’t Janperson, of course! Hey, 1993 was a year for both! We can get both :3c 


5 thoughts on “Janperson 24: The First Time Anywhere! An Unbeatable Foe

  1. amazing work as always. Thanks to Megabeast Empire I’ve developed quite a lot of respect for Janperson. It’s still no Solbrain but man it’s not a ‘safer’ knockoff of Robot Detective K either. 🙂

    One thing? Episode 18 doesn’t exist anymore. Could you find a moment and re-up it to Mega? I’d appreciate it. 🙂

    • No idea. I don’t have any insight into that and our group isn’t involved with subbing Exceedraft. The one who you should ask about Exceedraft is Weeaboo Shogun, who I linked in this release post. I would say please just be courteous though.

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