Janperson 23: Dying in the Name of Justice!

Get ready for Gun Gibson’s training montage.


The fires of vengeance course through Gun Gibson’s circuits as he unleashes vigilante “justice” against former Neo-Guild robots. As Janperson rushes to stop further casualties, the Super Science Network unleashes their newest bio weapon on the duo! Can our Special Police Robo end Gun Gibson’s reckless vendetta AND defeat this new SSN critter?!


4 thoughts on “Janperson 23: Dying in the Name of Justice!

  1. Thanks man! Another episode of the list. Slowly but steadily going through this series, can’t wait to see the batch come out! XD Hope you’re all good yourself too, the episodes take long to make. Dont overdo it XD, (like I can when I’m grinding for something).

  2. I *love* how this series goes from quasi-Asimov sci-fi morality to full on Lethal Weapon.

    Thanks for introducing me to a Toku favorite.

  3. Hi! I noticed you went from episode 21 to episode 23. Did you accidentally skip episode 22, or was the post removed?

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