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buddaman-chapter-2_001_13465DDL | Torrent

In 198X, the Earth was facing a massive crisis. The galaxy-conquering Space Religious Order Black God have truly begun their plans to eliminate Buddhism, and replace it with Christianity. But three young people have been chosen to fight to protect the sacred teachings of Buddha! They are the Buddhism Force Buddhaman!

So, uh, this is an odd little indie short made by… Buddha Film Entertainment (They named it after this, which was their first work, released in 1986), who have done a few other odd films here and there until about 2005. Maybe we’ll sub more of them, but who knows. Also: Video quality is terrible (bad VHS transfer to DVD by the director, the others aren’t great either), you have been warned. Audio is pretty crappy too, which didn’t help with translation (Bible Skin Attack?) With all that said, enjoy!



Posted January 18, 2017 by Champstice in Miscellaneous/One-offs, Releases, Tokusatsu

3 responses to “Buddhism Force Buddhaman

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  1. Kind of a dumb premise on top of the poor production quality. A cult devoted to Mara or Devadatta would make more sense.

  2. WHATEVAH, shit is class! Bitchin’ as always!

  3. This is an hilarious little gem you folks have dug up for us. Thank you!

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