Juspion 34: Break Through the Iron Fortress! A Father and Son’s Love   Leave a comment

[Bunny_Hat_Raw]Juspion_34_(317EF256)_001_15733DDL | Torrent

Nothing like a good ol episode full of ~SCIENCE~ to put the science in “Science Fiction”. Our main guest star for this episode is Ban Daisuke, who’s had a fair lot of leading/starring roles in a bunch of tokusatsu shows. If you want an actual episode synopsis, either wait for Janperson, or ask Lew to edit this post. Also, shout-outs to Sky79 for helping tlc a bunch of episodes.

There’s a sign in this episode that I would’ve inflicted my terrible typesetting upon you all, had it not been shaky. So here it is instead.


See this is why most people just an8 signs in old shows like this

Champstice: Putting the “eye” in “eyecancer”. Here’s some lovely show art to help sooth your eyes


This show’s art ❤


Posted March 18, 2016 by Champstice in Juspion, Releases, Tokusatsu

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