Juspion 33: Even the Bully Dances – The Great Magical Battle

As it turns out, TV really is bad for you

DDLTorrent (Should be working okay now)

Brainwashing! Poisoning! Burning tests! All that and more in this incredibly lazy episode summary courtesy of a mondo migraine. So yeah… January was not the best month for us, sorry. I had a bunch of irl issues crop up, so 99% of delays can be attributed to me. Good news is, all the base translations/first passes are done till end of the show (apart from the “I am Justice!” special), so we shouldn’t take as long in future. Though, we’ll be using Deadfish’s translation of 35 & 44-46  as they were pretty good.

One last note (one actually relevant to the episode) is the MegaBeast’s name. Normally, if the monster’s name is some kinda pun/has something in the name that’d be obvious to japanese what it means, we’d translate it. Thing is, the show sorta goes back and forth between doing this, so we might rethink our approach for the batch (i.e. de-translate the names and just note the more obvious ones in the batch post), but since this episode’s one is fairly obvious (and common in other toku/anime) we decided to leave as is. On the offchance anyone doesn’t know: Majin means like a demon, devil, etc (example: Majin Buu)



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