Shin Kanpai Senshi After V 01

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Late post is late, oops.
Not sure what this show is? Click here.
Copy and pasting the notes from Over-Time’s site (because I’m lazy :V) under the cut. 

  • You remember the Commander (sousui 総帥), right? In this episode, and in more episodes to come, he is referred to by his coworkers as Sou-san. To keep this up in the english translation, we’ve left it as Ko (see cuz “commander”), as it’s the closest we can work out that still resembles a name.
  • Trivia: the new coworker, Inoue, is played by Hasegawa Shinobu from the comedy duo Shison’nu – the other half of the duo being the Combatant, played by Okawara Jiro.


Cheerful Soldiers

Translation: HeatMetal
Editing: Champstice
Timing/Typesetting/QC/Being Awesome: Ignis
Encoding: GuSTaVauM


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