Shin * Kanpai Senshi After V (Trailer)

「新★乾杯戦士アフターV」特報 (1)_001_478
Yeah, it kinda has…


The police and Self-Defense Force were powerless against evildoers hellbent on ruling the world.
A new organization was created to defeat these villains…
The Golden Soldiers Treasure V: a team of five combat specialists.
However, their drinking parties after battles became better known than the battles themselves, and they’ve become known as the Cheers Soldiers, After V!

Yeaaaaaaaah we’re back for season 2.  This time its a joint release with the rockin’ folks from Over-Time.
If you haven’t watched season 1 yet, there’s a softsub batch for it right here. Probably should finish doing those hardsubs one of these days.

To copy and paste a technical addendum from Ignis: although the first airing in Japan for this show is on Saturdays (starting 10/3), we’ll be getting instead a recording from a later airing on Mondays (starting 10/5), for logistic reasons. The capper who originally provided our encoder with the first airing during the previous season has also retired, and they were the only contact we had for that particular television network; getting a first airing recording would prove difficult, and it’s also half a day away from SHT, so eff that noise.


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