Juspion 31

Much like Boomerang, I too am getting back into the swing of things
DDL | Torrent

Boomerang has returned! Sadly it isn’t the funnest of reunions, as Boomerang is back mostly to bring down an international crimelord. One that’s joined forces with Mad Gallant and company in a weirdly… serious (for the most part) evil plot.
I’ve changed how some things are styled so they should be easier to read. Barring people finding things less readable, the styling will probably stick to the end of show/the eventual v2s and such (which’ll probably be done after the show is complete first). Speaking of which, there’s one (rather minute) change I was going to wait until the v2s to incorporate, but it was something that was fine back in episode one, but I changed afterwords for a completely arbitrary reason.
I’m talking about the romanization of one of the main villains in this show: Satan Goth. I changed it after episode one because I thought “Okay, I’ve seen Gorth as a romanization of it too, and I can’t see ‘Satan’ and ‘Goth’ in the same sentence without cracking up.” Again, a completely arbitrary reason. Also one I made two years ago when I was still newish to subbing in general.

I know 30 episodes into something isn’t the best time to change how something is spelled, but honestly there’s similar inconsistencies in earlier episodes (not to mention different styling), so its not like its the only change I’ll need to make when making v2s of everything. Least this way, its one less thing to change in episodes 31-46.



2 thoughts on “Juspion 31

  1. I’m from Brazil and I have all the other Juspion episodes subtitled in Portuguese. If you have interest, I can help in translation.

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