Janperson 09

Warning: This is a Joke – Champstice
DDL | Torrent

The bond between a father and his son is put to the test by Neo Guild’s latest scheme. What is George Makabe planning to do? Can Janperson put a stop to this evil plot before it’s too late? And can a child actor truly deliver a decent performance?!

Hey folks! Pundercracker here! This is a really strong episode, and it’s a definite shift in tone from the fairly silly plots of the last two. You get an intriguing story which really shows that George and co. don’t screw around, and it’s at this point that you start to see Janperson shift from being a stoic vigilante to a more “human” hero.

As a side note: There are two previews in this for episode 10. Why? Because one of them promotes the movie! Toei’s DVD release apparently included both the original movie promo preview and a promo made for later rebroadcasts (which has more muffled audio, likely due to Toei not having the masters for it).

For those who want to take a look at Janpi’s big screen adventure, the good folks at Daigeki-subs have already subbed it! You can download it here!


2 thoughts on “Janperson 09

  1. Greetings here from Daigeki-subs! Thanks a lot for pointing out our work! You guys are doing a great job with the series, big thanks for all your work on Janperson and the other projects!

    P.S.: Sorry for any bad english, I’m brazilian, heh.

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