Juspion 27


DDL | Torrent

When Juspion’s local gas station attendant goofs off work for a day, he ends up losing his soul to sinister club activities: Drinking! Who are the “Cutie Girls”, and why are they bringing young people to these clubs? And where do the MegaBeasts come in the equation?!

Pundercracker: First off: apologies for this one taking so long, folks. Life happened, I know it’s been a while. Anyhow, this episode is incredibly 80’s. And I mean -incredibly- 80’s. It’s weird, it’s silly, and aside from one rather annoying chant, it’s pretty fun. Enjoy it!

Champstice: This episode features fictionalized versions of the JAC Brothers played by the actual JAC Brothers unit of the Japan Action Enterprise, formerly known as the Japan Action Club. One of the Cutie Girls was also a member of JAC.

And for more stuff with Roads of Youth, the lovely folks at Lovexcare are subbing Turboranger! 


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