Lionmaru 01

vlcsnap-2015-04-01-16h50m49s86DDL | Torrent

“During the late 16th century, a trio of ninja orphans are wandering Japan and saving people from evil, specifically the evil Devil Gosun.

These people consist of kid ninja Kosuke, kunoichi Saori and an adult ninja named Shishimaru… who can transform into a lion-headed Samurai named Lionmaru!”

We’ve decided to drop Juspion, Dyna and Robot Keiji in order to focus upon more important unsubbed shows. Besides, who cares about Metal Heroes and Ultraman anyway?

ᴾˢ ᶜʰᵉᶜᵏ ᵒᵘᵗ ᵗʰᵉ ᵖᵒˢᵗ ᵈᵃᵗᵉ⋅ ᴬᵖʳᶦᶫ ᶠᵒᵒᶫ’ˢ﹗


11 thoughts on “Lionmaru 01

  1. >not a release
    Do you mean that this isn’t actually subbed or you just don’t plan on doing the entire series?

    • The latter. It’s pretty much the same dumb joke as last year, and what starseeker did over at mSubs: A perfectly watchable release of something neither of us have any intention of continuing.

  2. Ha ! I (it appears) am a total idiot…. I really need to read things completely before panicking…..
    good joke , thanks for the scare…. you got me…. you got me…….

    gads I feel stupid…….. good one though…..

    • Sorry for making you feel stupid, that was not the intended effect.
      Rest assured, nothing is actually dropped (except Battle Fever, but that was ages ago anyway).

  3. no need to feel badly about me…. it was a very good joke and I appreciated the fun …… my own lack of reading the fine print was what had me falling for the joke , so I salute you and the gag, it was all in good fun and I will always like such things….. by the way , I am still , and will for at least for a year or two , helping to seed all the dyna , ultra q episodes and ultraman story , so any other fans will be able to count on being able to download those until at least 2016-17….. longer if I still have room on my computer after that…..

    thanks again for all these great gifts…..

  4. Please sub more episodes of this great series, even if it is just the next few.
    Thank you for this April fools trick, I really enjoyed watching it!!!

    • Unfortunately, I don’t have the iso I used to make a (shitty) rip of the first episode, and all the other isos/encoded raw torrents are dead as dicks. Plus there’s a lot of terminology we’re not sure if they actually mean anything or if the monsters just like spouting gibberish.

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