Janperson 08

[Bunny_Hat_Raw]Janperson_08_(B70FB699)_001_4854DDL | Torrent

I really can’t say anything about what happens in this episode without it spoiling the fun, so enjoy!

Pundercracker: This episode’s a definite step up from the last one. Not only do you get Janpi stuck in the middle of villainous hijinks, you also get Kenichi Endo (who went on to play Junior in Kakuranger) going full ham. It’s pretty incredible.



2 thoughts on “Janperson 08

  1. I love how Janperson and Machine Gun Joe both have those identifying logos on their awesome 90s pleather jackets!

    Anyway, great episode, thank you very much for subtitling this under-appreciated classic!

    • Yes! Little details like that is what I love about these kinda shows. Endoh’s hammy-yet-fabulous line delivery was so good too. The “You wa Joe! Me wa Joe ja nai!” bit at the end in particular.
      Back at ya, Nanto! Loving Gorg, Sabu & Ichi, along with all the other classics you’re doing!

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