Juspion 22 & 23

Kaiju (learning) English!

 DDL | Torrent 

Happy New Year everybody! Let’s start off the year with a double-dose of Space Wolf! In the first episode, we get an intergalactic sorceress/teacher, nightmares & curses, and the Nanbara family plot continues. Oh, and Miya starts learning to talk.

Pundercracker: This one is a whopper of an episode! I can’t say much about the plot without spoiling things, but I can say that this episode features
one of the creepiest MegaBeasts in the show so far. Seriously, that spider is almost the stuff of nightmares.

Champstice: Speaking of which, if you’re really not fond of bugs/spiders (I know I’m not), you might wanna skip past this episode.

[Bunny_Hat_Raw]Juspion_23_(7B772EBC)_001_14819DDL | Torrent

And in our next episode, we get a MegaBeast owner/ex-lion-tamer, the MegaBeast Empire goes on TV, Mad Gallant continues to be a Mega-Twat, and Satan Gorth uses his powers a few times too many.

Pundercracker: Coming down from the events of the last episode we get a bit of a breather here, but it’s a very sweet episode that ends up delivering a real punch to the gut. But we also get a familiar face to any Ultra-fans out there, and he’s just as silly as he was back in 66.

Champstice: We also get a snippet of an insert song that’s only been used so far back in episode six. The sad-as-hell one.


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