Janperson 06

[Bunny_Hat_Raw]Janperson_06_(F88D4462)_001_9883DDL | Torrent

An appropriately chilly episode for the winter season, “The Wandering Iceman” is best watched with a warm drink (and maybe a tissue or two.)

Pundercracker: This is a really COOL Ep- Okay I’m gonna avoid the ice puns I swear to god and be realistic here. This one definitely makes up for the last episode. While it starts out with a rather silly premise, it turns into a really well done and honestly heartbreaking tale. Seeing Jou Onodera take on a more reserved role than his usual antics is a pleasant surprise. (I did it, not one Mr. Freeze/Ice Joke! )

Champstice: #Thank_you_based_Super_Science_Network.



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