Tiger Seven 01, 02 & 03

[MegaBeast_Empire] Ironman Tiger Seven episode 1 [9709CFAE]_001_22047

01 Torrent | 02 Torrent | 03 Torrent

Probably not what most of you want, but something to watch none the less. The show is pretty much P Production’s attempt at a Kamen Rider series, except substituting a karate bugman with a karate catman.

If anyone actually feels like write a proper introduction/summary of the show, go ahead. I’m half asleep at the moment of writing this post.


8 thoughts on “Tiger Seven 01, 02 & 03

  1. Thank you SO MUCH for subbing this series! It was a favorite of mine and it’s so great to finally see it in its original version! If you need a summary of the series I wrote something that you could use: some notes about the show and influences, not to mention similarities with one of the mecha series of Go Nagai:

    Original Title: Tetsujin Tiger Seven (“Iron Man Tiger Seven”)
    Number of Episodes: 26
    Original Run: October 6, 1973 – March 30, 1974
    Original Script: Shoji Ushio
    Music: Shunsuke Kikuchi

    Tetsujin Tiger Seven was scheduled by P Production to be the third part of the trilogy started by “Kaiketsu Lion Maru” and with “Fuun Lion Maru” as it’s second chapter. Anyway the ancient fantasy theme of the two series was less and less appealing to the people, not to mention the fact that “Fuun Lion Maru” wasn’t well received as the first chapter. The production decided to change the setting and go for a modern story and use some elements that lead “Kamen Rider” to its enormous popularity.

    The story starts in Sahara Desert where Professor Takigawa is trying to find the ruins of the ancient Mu Empire, an old civilization that ruled the earth 14.000 ages ago and that was annihilated by the ancestors of humanity. The research group is on the right track and start to experience unusual attacks by misterious creatures. During one of those attacks the group is joined by Takigawa Go, the estranged son of the professor, returned to his father to warn him about the curse of the Mu Empire’s Ruins. Anyway the professor is adamant in its purpose and while the group find the entrance to Mu ruins, Go is mortally wounded by a sand monster. The young man is saved by replacing his wounded heart with an artificial one. Before going to explore the ruins of Mu, the professor give an ancient medallion to Go as a lucky charm. It’s the Tiger Seven Amulet, related to the iron tiger man of egiptian folklore. After entering the ruins the group discover that the Mu Empire wasn’t completely annihilated and went to sleep for 14.000 ages. The Emperor is reduced to a brain but it’s still able to grant its creatures with incredible powers. He is assisted by two masked attendents: Black Mask, who command the various demons and Prince Gill, the supreme commander, who hide under his mask its rotten visage. The reasearch group is annihilated and only Go is able to escape, by placing the medallion on his forehead and teleporting to Japan. The Mu empire then decide to change location to their secret base, destroying the old one and making a vulcanic island rise from the sea. Their purpose is to take revenge against the humans that tried to destroy them in ancient times, starting from who knows of the empire return: the Takigawa Researc members remaining in Japan and Go himself.

    Tiger Seven (1973) shares a lot of similarities with Kotetsu Jeeg (1975), created by Go Nagai. Aside from the dormant ancient civilization that awakened to conquer humanity, an element that was present in many stories, in both show we have a protagonist wich have a conflictual relationship with his father and that his saved by deadly wounds by an emergency operation. In the manga Hiroshi (Jeeg’s main character) is transformed in a cyborg while in the anime series he also get a miniaturized ancient artifact placed near his heart, and that give him its powers and the capability to phisically transform into Jeeg’s Head. In Tiger Seven Go get his damaged heart replaced with an artificial one. Both character get a pendant from their fathers: Hiroshi get a medallion shaped like Jeeg Head that allow him to communicate with the Reasearch Center and the Machine Father while Go get the Tiger Seven Charm that give him all his powers. Both characters also have a motorcylce that is equipped with rocket booster and allow them to limited glide or even to fly in certain occasions. Lastly they both battle enemies with a similar name: Hiroshi fight the Haniwa Genjin while Go fight the Mu Genjn. Just a coincidence?

  2. Ah, I forgot to add these last lines:
    Using the medallion’s power by the phrase “Tiger Spark!”, Go is able to transform in Tiger Seven, its name indicating the seven powers that were granted to him: higher intelligence and willpower, enhanced vision, enhanced hearing, tiger fags, tiger claws, superhumn strenght, incredible speed and agility.

    I apologize for errors and info that could not be useful.

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