Battle Fever J dropped


I guess it was gonna come to this sooner or later.
Part of the reason stretches back to when I started scrubbing the JPN subs under “Battle-Anon”. The only reason I was doing that in the first place was that I found it dumb that nobody had even just transcribed the subs onto decent raws. It wasn’t because I liked the show, it was basically just to give people a watchable version of it. Which was the same reason I picked it back up (that, and I felt guilty for having dropped it).  But now, Nemet finished transcribing the JPN subs ages ago. It’s not perfect (no fault of Nemets though, it’s with the sub source itself), but it’s watchable, which again, was the only reason I was still doing the show in the first place. Now that there’s a viable option out there, I don’t feel obligated to work on the show anymore. And frankly, working on something you don’t have to do solely because you feel obligated to do it is a pretty bad idea. Especially if it’s part of a hobby you otherwise enjoy.

The other part of the reason is tied to the fact that we have no on-staff translators. Except Dyna, all the stuff we’ve done so far (and most of the stuff we will do in the future) is translated by people I commission to translate. And honestly, I’d rather put the money I would’ve spent getting this show translated towards shows that either don’t have any subs at all, or that only have HK subs (or subs bad enough to be mistaken for hks).

I can understand if anyone’s disappointed, but I’d rather do this now than prolong the process.
I might come back to Battle Fever at some point. I might not. All I know is that I’m not planning on working on the show for a long while.


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