Janperson 03

[Bunny_Hat_Raw]Janperson_03_(009C571C) (1)_001_12863
燃えろ 燃えろ 燃えろ 燃えろ ライダー!
DDL | Torrent

After an unintended hiatus of sorts, and various shenanigans (both of which are again my fault :V), here’s episode 3 of Janperson: Where bounty hunters are hired, and we get introduced to one of the primary antagonists for the show: Ryousaburo Tatewaki.

Pundercracker: Ladies and gentlemen, meet one of the most deliciously hammy villains in toku history. Shun Sugata’s performance as Tatewaki is absolutely incredible, and the guy really shows his acting chops here. It’s something that has to be seen to be believed. That, and this episode contains an amazing tantrum.


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