Kamen Rider- Run all over the World

[Bunny_Hat_Raw]Masked_Rider_Run_All_Over_the_World_(C605A07D) (1)_001_18726DDL | Torrent

In celebration of the Black Blurays being announced, here’s a special that features Black times 4! It’s one in a similar vein to Kamen Rider World/Super Sentai World in that it’s non-canon material that was made mostly to sell 3D glasses, but still a fun (if silly) ride in it’s own right. So please enjoy this convoluted Crisis scheme.

Pundercracker: This is a fun little short. The plot doesn’t make much sense and it has some very blatant 3D gimmick shots, but the action is solid. Fans of BLACK and RX should get a kick out of it!

Champstice: There’s two sub-tracks with three minor differences between each other (Kamen vs Masked {some people like it translated, others don’t}, Golgom vs Gorgom{I see people bouncing between how this is romanized}, and Black vs BLACK{title card has it in all caps}). Apart from that they’re exactly the same. Also no this isn’t a Golgom plot.


4 thoughts on “Kamen Rider- Run all over the World

  1. As far as Gorgom vs Golgom, I will point out that the outer box for the Black blu-rays (an image of which is on Amazon) names them as Gorgom.

    • We know. It was mainly that Golgom is the romanization most people would be familiar with (mostly because that’s what Century Kings went with when they were subbing the show). So we just included sub-tracks in case anyone had a preference towards one or the other.

      • Yeah, that makes sense and you are certainly doing the more sensible option by allowing people to choose. I just thought I’d post that in case people decide to start a Gorgom vs Golgom debate.

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