Janperson 00-02

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We weren’t planning on starting to release this show till much later in the year, but we’ve elected to present to you now: Special Police Robo Janperson!

Pundercracker: You arrive like lightning, and you stir up a storm! When I first saw Janperson raw 3 years ago, I loved it. It’s a strange show, very much a combo of the Adam West Batman series meets Robot Detective. It’s a strange show in terms of Metal Heroes, in that, well, our hero has no other form. He is a robot. While the show shifts to a more MOTW style in the second half, the first chunk of the series is very much a detective show. It’s a crime drama mixed with a truly strange 90’s flavor. I’d always dreamed of subbing this, as I truly love this series. It’s been a year’s worth of work so far and we’re gonna keep going, though I might as well talk about these first two episodes! These set up the character of Janperson and work as a self-contained story before things move forward in episode 3. There’s some fantastic stuntwork in this show, and a lot of credit goes to Janperson’s suit actor, Kazutoshi Yokoyama, who would later play Kou Tatsugami/Leo Zodiarts in Kamen Rider Fourze. (Yep, the walnut guy is in that suit.) Sit back and enjoy, it’s been an absolute delight for me to release this. There’s more to come. See you again!

Champstice: The first episode has two tracks: One leaves a joke about 3 minutes 50 seconds in as is, the other replaces it with a suitably corny joke. That’s about it from me, enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Janperson 00-02

    • And you did a great job on the 1st 2 eps you even left in the cheesy siren in the opening that lasted 2or 3 shows
      someday you may in our heart find time for b fighter . blue swat or Gridman Not trying to be selfish

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