After V 12 (Finale)

Kanpai Senshi After V - 12 (GYT 1280x720 x264[10-bit] AAC 24fps) [DA86345E]_001_33952HD Torrent | SD Torrent

With Treasure V facing imminent dissolution, and the evil Commander having no funds, monsters, or combatants left, the final battle begins with neither side having much to lose. Who will emerge victorious?

And with this, Kanpai Senshi After V is finished! This was my first experience in trying to sub a weekly show, and while it didn’t go quite to plan, I enjoyed the process of helping to sub it anyway. I found it hilarious, and I hope those of you who watched it did too.

But anyhow, massive thanks to

  • Heatmetal for translating the show! Without you, there would’ve been just blank timed scripts (which probably wouldn’t have been very entertaining to watch.)
  • Gustavaum for encoding the raws (and the SDs)! Couldn’t have subbed the shows without any raws!
  • Ignis for the patches! Sorry that I didn’t (and still don’t) grasp how to make them myself ^^;.
  • KRSentai for helping with timing!
  • You, the folks who watched this show!

Heatmetal: I hope you enjoyed it. And if you haven’t watched it yet, watch it!

And I’ve probably said too much already, so I’m just gonna end this on: Kanpai!


2 thoughts on “After V 12 (Finale)

  1. Thanks for subbing this everyone, I really enjoyed it. There is something about these parody shows (After V, Yoshihiko, Sunred for example) that makes the source materials all the more enjoyable. I’m glad people take the time to make them available to a different audience.

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