Juspion 19

[Bunny_Hat_Raw]Juspion_19_(8955BE92)_001_4863DDL | Torrent

While Juspion and Anri are out patrolling, Kanoko and Kenta are visiting a friend of their dad at Kamogawa Sea World! Only problem is, Mad Gallant and a pretty coral-crusted & crusty Kamakura samurai are planning on making a sinister splash for their own agendas!

Pundercracker: This episode is an interesting break from the norm, in that Satan Gorth isn’t -directly- involved, per se. While half of the episode is an extended advertisement for Kamogawa Sea World and Mad Gallant’s plan is…a thing…it’s an interesting change of pace.

Champstice: 1. This episode guest stars Shozo Iizuka, before he comes back to voice a certain giant Satan. 2. Did anyone know Axolotls are/were called “Wooper Loopers” in Japan? Well you do now!


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