Juspion 18

[Bunny_Hat_Raw]Juspion_18_(0E7EF270)_001_15811DDL | Torrent

As Zampa ramps up his arsenal to try and snuff out Juspion, a surprising reveal links their pasts together. And as Juspion finally finds the Golden Bird, he finds a mysterious couple…

Pundercracker: We actually get a healthy dose of backstory in this episode, and it was a long time coming! Be sure to check out the rocking (and likely fake) beard on Juspion’s dad in this episode. From a technical standpoint, however, there’s also a little speech quirk I feel we need to note. Without spoiling much, the enemy of this episode is a robot, and to get this across further the writers decided to have him speak syllable-per-syllable (if you are familiar with the Cybermen of Doctor Who, for example, then you will know what this is like, it’s ve-ry me-cha-ni-cal sou-nding). We decided to provide two sub files as a result, incase that gimmick gives you a headache. One has the robot talk, the other doesn’t. It’s all up to you!

Champstice: The one that ignores it is the default sub track, the-one-that-do-es-n’t is the secondary track.


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