Juspion 17

[Bunny_Hat_Raw]Juspion_17_(0CCEBE1C)_001_31521DDL | Torrent

While Juspion, Anri and Miya are still searching for them, Kanoko and Kenta end up in the nefarious clutches of Mad Gallant and his cohorts yet again! What does Mad Gallant want with them this time, apart from being potential bug chow?

Pundercracker: We get a bit of resolution to Kanoko and Kenta’s adventures today, and Isao Sasaki continues to traverse the woods. Otherwise, Mad Gallant proves how much of a sleaze he is, and Juspion himself continues to be a total badass at the end of the episode.

Champstice: This episode serves as a reminder that if you go into the countryside without bugspray, you’ll probably end up walking into a giant-ass bug. (In all seriousness though: Summer would be a lot better without as many bugs. Particularly flys. Flys suck)

vlcsnap-2014-06-27-23h25m28s233 vlcsnap-2014-06-27-23h25m57s255 vlcsnap-2014-06-27-23h25m10s42

Also here have a Greenman/Godman batch torrent


3 thoughts on “Juspion 17

  1. Oh sweet! Greenman/Godman batch, that’s awesome! Does it include all the Godman episodes HnT did? And on that note, will you and/or HnT be doing a Robot detective batch? Pretty please.

    • Yes it includes all the Godman episodes HnT did. Yes there will be a Robot Detective batch when it’s over and done with. The one for the HnT versions will come first, I’ll need raws before I can make a complete batch for softsubbed versions.

  2. Thanks! That’s good to know; I really only keep up through Hi no Tori through what I get through following the posts here at MBE.

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