Juspion 16, Dyna 04 and an Octopus

[Bunny_Hat_Raw]Juspion_16_(464A4369)_001_16424 [Bunny_Hat_Raw]Juspion_16_(464A4369)_001_25386DDL | Torrent

Trouble is afoot! Kanoko and Kenta have ran away to try and find their dad. They find something alright: They find themselves falling into Mad Gallant’s clutches! And what the hell is he doing with Authors, Scientists and Construction Workers?

Pundercracker: The search for the Golden Bird continues, and this time we see just how Mad Gallant can become even MORE of a jerk than he already is!

Champstice: This was actually the first episode of Juspion I ever saw, and it feels as fun to watch now as it did the first time! MBE-Set DDL | HnT-Set DDL | Torrent

Construction work on the underground Geo City has woken up the carnivorous, underground-dwelling Daigerun! Will Super GUTS be able to stop the workers and machinery in time? Or is Daigerun gonna decimate ground and underground?

Pundercracker: Today’s episode is brought to you by ants. Thanks ants. Also Asuka gets pissed as usual.

Champstice: [Unmuffled Scientific Gibberish in both background and foreground] DVDIMAGE - Chapter 6 (1) (1)_001_1357DDL | Torrent

I did five yokes of Kure Kure Takora as an April Fools Joke, but surprisingly its actually fun to work on, and pretty easy/quick too. Plus the biggest joke of all: a torrent each for 200+ episodes.

Also before someone inevitably asks: After V is delayed due to REASONS.


2 thoughts on “Juspion 16, Dyna 04 and an Octopus

  1. This episode of Juspion features the same quarry/artificial caves as Kamen Rider Gaim and Kiva. Does anyone know the name of that location? At 19:58 you can see THROUGH the mountain where it has been carved away. I really want to visit this spot, and from what I can find online it doesn’t look like Nokogiriyama.

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