After V 06, Juspion 15 and a film

Kanpai Senshi After V - 06 (TVS 1280x720 x264[10-bit] AAC 24fps) [AFECAD90]_001_26909
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After Yellow’s departure from Treasure/After V, the remaining members are down in the dumps, and antagonistic towards his replacement. Well, until they meet her. Will Green and Blue get their heads out of the gutter? Will Red actually take charge? Is a Fuzzy Navel all that delicious a drink? Tune in and find out!
In other news, still looking for a timer for the next/last few episodes.

And as for the film, it’s the five warriors united…


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This was brought to you by lovely blu-ray encodes, Hiroshi Miyauchi’s handsomeness, and being the only Goranger film that isn’t a visually modified version of the tv series episodes.

Pundercracker: It was great getting to work on this film, first off. Much like other Showa-era movies at the time, it feels more like a big-screen version of a weekly episode, but you get plenty of action and fun within a neat little package. If you want to get a taste of what the show is like, you can’t go wrong with this movie!

Champstice: I’d stick an addendum that we’d have no non-nebulous plans to go near the series, but the folks at Bad Apple Fansubs are doing it, so it’d be pretty redundant :V.

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And last, but certainly not least, Juspion episode 15!  Turns out the Golden Egg has already hatched and flown the coop! A photographer managed to snap a picture of it before it disappeared. Question is, who’s going to make him talk first, Mad Gallant or Juspion?

Pundercracker: The Golden Bird story continues, and this time we’ve got a family thrown into the mix. Juspion himself is definitely behaving more seriously than in previous episodes, and the overall tone of this episode feels far removed from the comedy antics we’d seen previously. It’s an interesting shift and it looks to be building towards some big events soon!

Champstice: This episode brings Isao Sasaki into the cast. I’m pretty sure nobody needs an introduction to this man’s awesomeness, both as a singer and a voice actor. Unfortunately he doesn’t sing any songs in Juspion, but having the man himself in the show is by no means a disappointment.


3 thoughts on “After V 06, Juspion 15 and a film

  1. Holy sweetness, Batman! So, the Goranger movie came from Bunny Hat’s Super Sentai: THE MOVIE boxset? Do you plan on possibly subbing some of the other movies from that too? Doing something like that might help garner interest in some of the other currently unsubbed sentai like Denjiman, Flashman, and Ohranger.

  2. Well Anon, it just so happens that Million Fold Curiosity have just announced that they are going to sub Ohranger(after they finish doing Gingaman), so you have that to look forawrd to. As for Denjiman and Flashman, while noone has claimed they are going to sub them, Deadfish fansubs did sub several episodes of both of them, and if you want the subtitle files for those episodes, I have uploaded them here:…

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