Juspion 14, Dyna 03 & After V 04

He had it coming, he had it coming all along
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Triple bill! First up, Juspion! After meeting the Four Divine Generals last episode, Juspion is searching all over the country to find the Golden Egg. But instead he finds…. the Loch Ness Monster? In Japan!? Is this some sorta Golgom Satan Gorth Plot?!

Pundercracker: This episode has the coolest wedding ever. Hands down. This is how a wedding should be handled. Aside from that, Juspion’s got his hands full with Mad Gallant’s new lackies in this episode, and he’s also dealing with a Seak- ‘scuse me, OceanKing! Get ready for lots of water. Also: KITTENS. LOTS OF KITTENS.

Champstice: This episode’s water-based MegaBeast makes monkey noises and it is hilarious. One note of sorts: The ‘ko’ in Hamanako means ‘lake’ so as you guess its translated as ‘Lake Hamana’. Thing is, the hotel nearby the lake has its name stated clearly as “HOTEL LISTEL HAMANAKO”. So thats the only instance in which Hamanako is left as is.

[MBE - HnT] Ultraman Dyna 03[A145C7CA]_002_8679MBE-Set DDL | HnT-Set DDL | MBE-Set Torrent | HnT-Set Torrent

Next up, Ultraman Dyna! Same dealio as before: basically, when the MBE version is ready it’s released, and then the links are just updated when the HnT version is ready/released. This way, HnT don’t have to hurry with any touch-ups of their version, and you guys get more Dyna. It’s a win-win situation!

Pundercracker: I’ve always been a bit creeped out by creepy, crawly things. The monster in this week’s Dyna is no exception, it’s pretty nasty stuff. Otherwise, Asuka continues to be one of the most hotheaded punks to ever take up the role as an Ultra. He’s got a ways to go in terms of being a team player, but this episode also really shows that the team cares about each other. Hibiki’s gruff demeanor covers up some really sincere moments in this episode, which I loved. I also had a -ton- of fun working on this episode due to Tsutomu. His dialect and his informal way of speaking made his dialogue a treat to check and give that slangy, bumpkin-y vibe to it!

Kanpai Senshi After V - 04 (TVS 1280x720 x264[10-bit] AAC 24fps) [34F8E2B2]_001_18493HD Torrent | SD Torrent
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And last but not least, After V! We find out Green is a very angry drunk, everyone else finds out that Blue should not be allowed anything with a camera installed, and their foe this time is: SOCIAL MEDIA.


6 thoughts on “Juspion 14, Dyna 03 & After V 04

  1. Loving After V as always. Just wanted to let you know you’ve got a small typo at around 12:22. “We’re getting a tone of retweets”. Should be either ton or tonne depending on your regional spelling choices. Cheers!

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