Battle Fever 06

Old sentai designs in a nutshellDDL | Torrent

This episode shows why it is a very bad idea to rely on radar centers for directions to Robot Fights. Also, this is one of two episodes that Kenji Ushio’s appearance as Hedder wasn’t re-filmed when Masashi Ishibashi replaced him (if I recall correctly, Kenji got booted for allegations of drug use while on the job). Probably because in this episode, there’s a lot of outdoors scenes that probably would’ve been a pain to re-film, and episode 04 because Masashi played the monster of the week’s human form. Kenji you might know better as Kamen Rider’s Ambassador Hell, and Masashi as Iron Claw from JAKQ, General Kar from Dynaman, and Boma Doctor Lehda in Turboranger.


4 thoughts on “Battle Fever 06

  1. Strangely I was thinking about this episode earlier, mostly because this is the episode that I’ve nicknamed “the one where Hedder makes weird faces”. Its probably one of the most entertaining moments of the series.

    • Agreed. Kenji Ushio really made for an entertaining Hedder. Not that Masashi Ishibashi is bad, but he could’ve done with putting a tad more emotion into his facial expressions.

  2. Hello
    I have a request to make : I am able to upload your subs in the KRDL website; but I can’t do it without your consent. May I do it?

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