Greenman 04 & Andro Melos 04

I’m not too sure what that thing is either folks

MBE-set DDL | HnT-set DDL | Torrent

Instead of a deaf monster, this episode has Shiraji, who showed up previous in Godman, then here, then in the 2008 Godman special. Hasn’t been seen much since as far as I know.  So long you Uni-horned, Nipple-lacking, Ball-swinging,  Skull Gorilla creature thing.

Pundercracker: Ah yes, my favorite part of ToHo’s Bizarre Adventure: Iron Ball Run.

Champstice: Break a leg, Greenman! (no seriously, he does. It’s ridiculous)

vlcsnap-2014-02-02-01h41m52s59MBE-set | HnT-set | Torrent

And here’s episode 04 of Andro Melos, which looks at Wolf’s tech/powers and stuff.

Pundercracker: I’m starting to see a pattern with these episodes, but I juuuust can’t put my finger on it!

Champstice: That should be it for the Andro Soldiers’ powers/tech stuff, at least for now anyway.


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