Juspion 13

This Kyojuu is more like a Kawaiijuu

DDL | Torrent

After the last episode nearly got Juspion scrambled while looking for the Golden Egg, he ends up running into a kid drawing a manga about  Juspion! On the villain’s side of things, Mad Gallant gets four fine additions to his forces, all the way from various parts of the cosmos!

Pundercracker: A story arc is brewin’, kids! New bad guys and the quest for the golden egg is underway! Also, we see some really adorable artwork in this episode that looks like something straight out of Terebi-kun

Champstice: There are ten things this episode will make you wonder, and all of them are “why the hell is Gallant allowed to dress himself”. In less garish talk, we get manga, shapeshifting, Gallant being a jerk, and new villains all in the same ep! (and as far as I know, the shows art is done by 河村寅次郎? If someone has more detailed info, feel free to drop a comment about it.) And under the cut there’s some brief mentions about something I never thought I’d talk about on this blog: Deities from the Buddhist faith!

So as we’ve mentioned, theres the four new villains in this episode, the Shitennō/四天王. Literally translated it means “Four Heavenly Kings”.  In Juspion however, we’ve rendered it as…

vlcsnap-2014-01-27-00h49m14s236Four Divine Generals instead. Why? Because leaving as is would’ve been pretty nonsensical in context. Why should Four Heavenly-tier Kings serve someone’s elses army? (I know they did in Buddhist Faith, but that’s their belief, so I ain’t arguing against it’s usage there cause that’d be p.darn rude). And given the fate of two of them within the next few episodes, they sorta fail at the Heavenly aspect (unless the writers meant “yeah they’re a goner within the next few eps”. Because they certainly don’t mean it by power/goodness). With Divine Generals, you still get that they’re supposed to be pretty damn powerful, and that they’re pretty high up in the MegaBeast Empire without implying they’re higher than the two rulers of it, Satan Gorth and Mad Gallant.

I’m tired rn I’ll fix the explanation in a few hours if it doesn’t make sense.


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