Battle Fever 05


DDL | Torrent

How far would you go for your family, or your friends? Would you even sacrifice yourself for their sake? These must be questions rattling around in a friend of Tetsuzan, Sakaguchi’s head, when asked to infiltrate Battle Fever for their giant robo’s plans (Duder is portrayed by Nobuyuki Katsube. Only other toku appearance iirc is ep 20 of Ultra Q as a fisherman. Been in tons of dramas and such though). This episode feels pretty dark till a certain point. The first four episodes weren’t that silly, but in comparison this episode still feels pretty melancholic.

In LESS depressing episode talk, this is also the first episode that has the Battle Fever Robo up and running! And also the first team giant robot in Super Sentai!


In comparison to Spiderman’s (which finished airing about a month after Battle Fever started) giant robot, Leopardon, the Battle Fever Robot isn’t just used to finish of the monster of the week. Though unlike most sentais, Battle Fever J’s monsters don’t grow big, instead they all have a robot duplicate as a sibling of sorts. This leads to some pretty cool looking scenes further down the line, where some members are fighting against the monster on the ground, and one or two are in the BF Robot duking it out with the robot dupe. While it’s design looks somewhat clunky in comparison to newer Sentai mechs, I still really like the Battle Fever Robo. Plus hey, at least it ain’t a Clusterfuck-oh!


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