Juspion 12

It’s the return of Caterpillar-Brows!
And Mad Gallant continues to be a prick!
DDL | Torrent

It’s time for more Space Wolf! Also,  with this we’re about a quarter through the show (46 episodes, so it’s either this one or 13. Whichever you prefer I guess)

Pundercracker: Juspion 12 takes us forward in the plot a bit with an interesting twist. Eijin gets to be awesome, Juspion uncovers some secrets, and Boomerang returns for some awesome action. On top of all that is a hint at Satan Gorth’s weakness in a twist that’s as good as gold (wink wink, nudge nudge).

Champstice: Prophets! Mining towns! Bibles! Something normally consumed as part of a breakfast! A fight against not a MegaBeast, but something even more fearsome! All this and more in this episode of Juspion! And following up the engrish rendition of the opening from the last episode, there’s a similar rendition of the ending theme~!

Spoilery note under the cut

Apart from two episodes later on, this is the last episode we’re gonna see Hiroshi Watari (Boomerang’s actor) in (well, in Juspion anyway)



As much as your character in this show’s name was ridiculous, it was still enjoyable having you on the show! Goodbye, Hiroshi Watari! Goodbye, Spielvan, Spielban, Sharivan, Boomerang!


4 thoughts on “Juspion 12

  1. Thanks for the sub! I’d like to know why you refer to Miya with “them” instead of she or he, as it is a single individual. Congrats for subbing the songs! Suggestion: sub the opening and endind credits.

    • Because they can also be used to describe single individuals.
      In any case, we’ve bounced between pronouns between releases of earlier episodes. What we’ll use when we decide to be consistent about it… you’ll just have to wait and find out.
      We’ll think about doing what you’ve suggested.

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