Ultraman Dyna 01

A paragon of grace

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Surprise! Coming from us and the folks at Hi-no-tori, it’s the sequel  show to Ultraman Tiga, Ultraman Dyna!

Pundercracker: I never thought I’d see this day to be honest. Ultraman Tiga is one of my favorite tokusatsu series, and yet Ultraman Dyna, the sequel, was a rarity online for many years. It gives me great pleasure to be working on this project, as its always been one of my dream shows to sub since I got into the community 10 years ago. As the direct sequel to Tiga, there are some things in this show which will make a bit more sense if you’ve at least got the gist of what happened in the previous series. That said, Dyna is a tad lighter in tone than Tiga was, featuring a bit more comedy and silliness than its predecessor, but it also has the Tsuburaya love for effects and detail that the franchise is known for. For our first episode, we’re given our cast of heroes, headed by our hotblooded protagonist (whose name should not be confused with a certain Gundam pilot), and the set up for more action to come. So get ready for some kaiju-smashing, dog-fighting fun!

Champstice: Punder really hit the nail on the head, so not much for me to say except that we hope you guys enjoy this show as much as we’re enjoying working on it!


11 thoughts on “Ultraman Dyna 01

    • The one thats in mkv format is softsubbed, basically styled, no font effects, bar for basic fades when neccesary. The one thats mp4 is hardsubbed, a tad more styled, with karaoke/font effects and such.

    • Ah, woops! Guess the smallest details are often the ones easily missed. Thanks! We’ll probably fix it whenever we make the first batch, which’ll prolly be about 1/4 way through.

  1. What is the status on the Dyna subs and why is it taking so long to come out? I’m only saying this because you have a pic of another ep on Twitter.

    • Do you guys plan to release the Dyna movie? If so, will the translation be the same as the DVD released by Image? (I own it, if you guys want it.) Will you guys release it after you finish the show or after episode 26?

      • Also, if you got your Raws from the Dyna DVDs wouldn’t it be best to donate those to Bunny Hat? Just a recommendation.

      • Dunno, depends if Image still have rights to the film or not/if their licence to the rights expired. And to answer your other question: I do not have the dvds, one of HnT’s members does, so you would be better off asking them about sending isos from them to Bunnyhat.

    • The status on Dyna subs is that they’re being worked on. Things take time to work on, surprisingly, plus the encoder keeps disappearing. The episodes on twitter are ones currently being worked on. You will notice this because the images are a lot more artifact ridden than the finished product.

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