Toho Rush!

Hail Satan, kiddies!

[MBE - HnT]_Go!_Greenman_-_36 [6093D432]_001_8916

Plain-set DDL | Typeset DDL | Torrent
We’ve got a threeway Toho Toku Tussle for you tonight folks! First up in Round One is Greenman 03!

Champstice: With the power of Music (and lack of good eyesight), he is the Tiborath Alien!


“We obey, o mighty burning shrubberies thing”

Plain-set DDL | Typeset DDL | Torrent

Round Two! There was one other Godman ep still complete on the dvds, so we figured we might as well do it too.

Pundercracker: This is it. This is the show that Japanese net users called one of the dumbest tokusatsu series ever. There’s a point in this episode where, and Champstice probably knows this, I genuinely burst into tears laughing in the middle of QC’ing. It involves a gun, and it shows the true might of tokusatsu heroes. If Greenman is an Aneurysm, Godman is the last thing you see before you die. It is so dumb, it is so low budget, it is so lazy, that it is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. Please enjoy this insanity.


vlcsnap-2014-01-07-07h36m31s30Plain-set DDL | Type-set DDL | Torrent

And last but not least; Round Three is the Godman 2008 special. It’s about this town being demolished, a hero who comes to protect it, and that things from your childhood can really help sometimes.
If you’ve watched Chouseishin Gransazer, Ren Matsuzawa, the guy who plays Jin Hakariya/Sazer Dail, shows up in this. No idea who the woman is, the japanese wiki only credits her as “Miwa”. Another Gransazer actor, Hideaki Serizawa (Akira Dentsuin/Sazer Remls), voices the titular Godman here. Also, fun trivia:  Yamamoto Ichiro, the guy who sings the Godman theme, is another name that Ichirou Mizuki goes by. I’m pretty certain that nobody whos reading this needs an introduction to how awesome any opening/ending/insert/ANY song he sings is.


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