Juspion 11

The most despairful face in Tokusatsu

DDL | Torrent

Happy post-New Years everyone! Hope you all had fun.  Unfortunately, I don’t think Juspion is having much fun…

Pundercracker: Today’s episode features the final appearance of a beloved character in this series. Juspion’s afro, you will be missed. ;_;7 In all seriousness, though, things get strange with gray hair, mutant monsters, and an English rendition of the opening theme you have to hear to believe (trust me, it’s amazing).

Champstice: This show loves riding the bizarre train. Also: Gamagorath! Gamagorath!!  G A M A G O R A T H !  !  ! 

The translation for one of the insert songs, Ryuusei no Senshi, was from Icepath’s site. Go check ’em out for other rad song translations!


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