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The most despairful face in Tokusatsu

DDL | Torrent

Happy post-New Years everyone! Hope you all had fun.  Unfortunately, I don’t think Juspion is having much fun…

Pundercracker: Today’s episode features the final appearance of a beloved character in this series. Juspion’s afro, you will be missed. ;_;7 In all seriousness, though, things get strange with gray hair, mutant monsters, and an English rendition of the opening theme you have to hear to believe (trust me, it’s amazing).

Champstice: This show loves riding the bizarre train. Also: Gamagorath! Gamagorath!!  G A M A G O R A T H !  !  ! 

The translation for one of the insert songs, Ryuusei no Senshi, was from Icepath’s site. Go check ’em out for other rad song translations!


Posted January 7, 2014 by Champstice in Juspion, Releases, Tokusatsu

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