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Spoilers: Satan is a buttmunch

Plain-set DDL | Type-set DDL | Torrent

Pundercracker: MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone! On this day we celebrate peace on Earth, the birth of Christ, and in this case a big bag of “?????????” from everyone’s favorite robotic envoy of God! Have fun and happy new year, enjoy some more nuttiness.

Champstice: What Punder said! And seasonal greetings to anyone who doesn’t particularly celebrate any holiday! Enjoy an episodes where Satan and his minion try to de-lectrocute a robot. YEAH.  Also on a technical note: This is actually the 22nd episode of Greenman, but its the second complete one on the dvds (Onore Toho I guess).

Also, we come bearing another gift:


Ya gotta admit Kenji Ohba is really adorable in this show

DDL | Torrent

Episode four of Battle Fever! Where one of Cossack’s old superiors gets killed, and a psychic gets initiated into Egos’ forces.



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  1. thank you! thank you!

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