Juspion episode 9


DDL | Torrent

And we’re back with Juspion episode Nine! Where the tone gets a bit more serious, and the villain’s plots get sillier (You’ll know what I mean when you see it).

Pundercracker :This is a tree-mendously explosive episode, folks! Sure there’s a bit of wooden acting from some kids, but this episode’s lumbering megabeast may almost make you think Juspion is a bark-ing mad show, but it’s still quite rooted in reality. Will Mad Gallant spread the seeds of chaos, or can we go out on a limb and say that Juspion’s gonna save the day again? Tree pun!

Champstice: I really can’t tell if this episode is supposed to be (vaguely) about environmentalism, or if the writers just wanted to show how much hay fever sucks.

Note of sorts under the cutWe’re playing around with typesetting/slight changes to op/ed a bit more, but if you prefer it more like the previous episodes, heres the script. Just check the “comment” option for each line you want de-set,  and un-check the adjutant line

Just don’t pull a khoddri and start uploading stuff that ain’t yours as an advertisement for yourself.


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