Happy Halloween everybody!


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Halloween! That time of year thats perfect for just sitting up all night, eating candy, and watching fireworks and cheesy horror flicks. It’s also that time of year that I forget exists until it actually happens, which means I never really have anything planned for it. Unfortunately, this year it also applies to fansubbing, woops! Hopefully for next year I won’t forget, but for now, enjoy episode 3 of Battle Fever J; ‘Find the spy!’

Small bit of trivia under the cut

As some of you may notice, the monster of the week this week is played by none other than Machiko Soga, who you might recognize better as Witch Bandora from Dinosaur Squad Zyuranger.  She was also the lead villain in Dimensional Warrior Spielban as Queen Pandora, Queen Hedrian in both Denjiman and Sun Vulcan, the voice of Doctor Kate in Kamen Rider Stronger, God Iguana in Rainbowman, Ball Boy in Machineman, Witch Ninja Madam Spider in Jiraya, and 007: Great Britain in the 1966 Cyborg 009 series. While she doesn’t get to do much here, I still enjoy her appearance in this episode.

Also, for those of you reading this: I was telling slight fibs about not having anything for Halloween


Torrent | DDL later

Bar, doesn’t really have much to do with horror, apart from p. creepy monster designs, and the old horror cliche of “People fucking around in places they really shouldn’t”. Still, quite enjoyable. Starts off with an Archaeology team searching for the ancient ruins of the empire of the Mu People. They find their ruins, but it ain’t Mu People they find…

The original plan was to finish doing all 26 episodes first, then release them weekly whenever we finish Juspion or Andro Melos. But I figured whats the harm in releasing one episode for Halloween? Bare in mind though, we’ll be releasing a slightly revised version whenever we do finish Juspion or Melos. Till then!

Trivia wise: This toku show was made by P Productions, the folks behind the Lion Maru series, Ambassador Magma and Denjin Zaborger. Also, the theme song was composed by Shunsuke Kikuchi, the same guy who composed the Kamen Rider themes up to ZX (except for Skyrider), Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, Getter Robo and Getter Robo G, plus a lot of other great shows!


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