Battle Fever 00-02


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Scripts (Slight ERROR in first episode, replace with script here. Will replace torrent when people stop seeding it)

Some of you may be confused right now. Fairly so.  Some of you may be thinking “ENOUGH OF OTHER THINGS, WHERES JUSPION”, to which I’ll say that the other bro who works on Juspion has been, and is currently dead busy, and I’ve been pretty busy as well . Be patient.

Slightly more than a year ago, I sat down to watch Battle Fever J. I didn’t know there was only tv/vhs rips of it, but it didn’t take long to notice. After seeing that nobody was subbing it, I sat down and basically thought “Well, if thats the case, I might as well salvage what was possible of the vhs rips’ subs, and slap them onto BunnyHat/Fortmax’s encodes for it so that at least people will have SOME form of it to watch”.  And so, a year ago today (or yesterday, in some timezones), episode one was released under the username/blogspot “Battle-Anon”.

I’ll be honest, it was pretty dumb. The early episodes were VERY patchy in terms of having subs, though whether or not its a fault of the rips or JN Productions was dropping lines a lot is beyond me.  It eventually fizzled out after the first six episodes, due to a combination of episode 6 being pretty patchy, and me being in not-so-great a place mentally. Ironically enough apart from a part with a big crowd, episode 7 is pretty ok in terms of subs.  Eventually I resurfaced a few months later, and this time Juspion was the selected victim, though that has actual translations, as opposed to pseudo-scrubs of vhs rips with missing lines (Who knows, maybe it was one of JN Productions first efforts?). Every now and then though, I’d sit down and think “What about Fever?”.  It’s only recently that I remembered why I started it in the first place “So that at least people will have SOME form of it to watch.”

So here’s the game plan: continue what I was doing in the first place (more or less scrubbing the original rips) but this time, with the missing bits being translated by someone. If an episode is too patchy, it’ll just be flat-out re-translated. Scratch that, these’ll be full re-translations. Unless another group starts subbing Battle Fever/announces they’re doing it, in which case I’d hang up Fever for good, but frankly I don’t see it happening anytime soon.  That said, don’t expect me to be too fast with these either.

Big thanks to Shir of GUIS for tlcing the first episode.


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