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In another joint-venture with Hinotori, we present to you the 1973-to-1974 show, Ike Greenman! From Toho, the company that brought us Godzilla (and loads of other stuff), this show was created to replace Ike Godman. It shares something in common with the latter: you feel like whoever made this was on narcotics at the time.  Pundercracker summed it up quite accurately:

Pundercracker: Greenman is. That’s all I can really say to summarize it. Greenman IS.
This is a show that defies logic. It defies sense. There is little that can be comprehended about this show. It is like the Ginguiser of Tokusatsu, without the seizures and with more aneurysms. It is a beautiful trainwreck, it must be seen to believed, and on behalf of us at MBE, we beg for your forgiveness if your brain begins to shut down, but you will know that it was totally worth it to witness the things you saw in these episodes.

One solitary note under the cut

Due to the fact that the dvds for both Greenman and Godman are screwbally (They’re essentially “Best Of” bits), only five episodes are actually completed on Greenman. As such, we can only sub those five, or at least until Toho re-releases/updates the dvds for it. P.S. Now you know why HNT stopped doing Godman.


10 thoughts on “Go Forth! Greenman 1

  1. Can I translate it to spanish? Same trait as in Andro Melos, I’m going to add spanish track to this… and publish in Tokukaiju.blogspot.com. And give credit to Megabeast and HiNoTori (at least in the first greenman post…)

    I think that there is no problem.

  2. Oh!

    And Greenman it’s really crazy. I love de monster designs and voice acting, but Greenman is, how can I say it… well, WEIRD. His design its awful.
    But it’s a must see, it’s better than Andro Melos’s first 3 episodes

  3. this is fantastic! i just started getting into this genre and am really enjoying it. i just finished watching the supaidaman series and got hooked. can you suggest some others? the more sense/logic defying the better.

    • The premise of The Magnificent Zubat is pretty odd (Whip Wielding Cowboy travelling around a Wild-Wested Japan), but the series itself manages to be both serious and hilarious, occasionally at the same time. I’m not a great judge of what’s sense/logic defying or not, but I think you’d enjoy Zubat. Millionfold Curiosity is just about finished subbing this show.

      Kakuranger, I really don’t know how to describe it, beyond being pretty awesome, but it does have it’s fair share of cat drug/logic defying moments. GUIS+Hikari Senshi are subbing this.

      Though, in terms of general shows in the tokusatsu genre, I’d recommend giving Ultraman Ginga/New Ultraman Anthology a shot. The Ultraman Ginga episodes are on hiatus at the moment (Ginga is sorta a show within a show, as part of the New Ultraman Anthology), but it’s still pretty a pretty good show. Plus, the Anthology episodes do recaps of older shows, or of monsters of the ultra-series, with some of the plot’s surrounding the monsters being fairly bizarre! And surprisingly for recap episodes, they’re actually pretty entertaining, plus the tone of them varies each week. One week it’s classic 70s Ultra, the next it’s a documentary type thing, the next is basically an episode of MST3K. Over-time is doing this.

      That’s all I can think of off the top of my head, I’ll reply again if I think of any more.

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