Juspion episode 8


DDL | Torrent

in this episode we discover the bad points of joining an intergalactic army and Interpol, Miya (thankfully) doesn’t appear here, and that Mad Gallant has no qualms about fighting in Discos. Enjoy!

Pundercracker: We’re starting to see Juspion move into more serious territory: Boomerang gets fleshed out in this episode and while comedy is still there, there’s no denying a darker tone in this week’s episode compared to some of the previous ones. I’d once heard a rumor that the tone change was in part due to Juspion’s actor, Hikaru Kurosaki, wanting to move on from comedy. While I don’t know how legitimate that rumor is, there are certainly signs of that shift in this episode.

Champstice: Fun Fact, the song he sings at the bar isn’t an insert song created for the show, it’s actually a song from Kurosaki’s career as a singer. Listen to the whole thing here


One thought on “Juspion episode 8

  1. For a while, I feared the fist episodes will be the best because they look to have some budget (sequences in space, a lot of distinctives aliens, several megabeasts in the same episodes). But i really liked the tone and the plots in this one.
    Boomerang is cool, but his makeup… well that was the 80’s!

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